Dinosaur Skull- Tyrannosaurus Rex

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 3D printing filament is a high-quality material made with NatureWorks 4043D Ingeo™, a polylactic acid biopolymer.


***Kawasaki’s Supercross Racing Team Engineers use PRO Series materials for both prototyping and end-use parts.***

Material specifics:

No need for classification according to GHS criteria for this product.

The product does not require a hazard warning label in accordance with GHS criteria. 

Not expected to be acutely toxic.

 Persistence and degradability This water-insoluble polymeric solid is expected to be inert in the environment. Surface photodegradation is expected with exposure to sunlight. No appreciable biodegradation is expected.

Bioaccumulate potential No bioconcentration is expected because of the relatively high molecular weight.

Mobility in soil In the terrestrial environment, material is expected to remain in the soil. In the aquatic environment, material will sink and remain in the sediment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Made in the USA