NOSEKOON Small Screwdriver set, Mini Screwdriver set, Professional Electronic Repair tool set, Used to repair mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, watches, tablets, PCs, MacBooks

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129-IN-1 screwdriver set detailed information:
21 disassembly accessories
1 x magnetic pad
1 x handle
1 x telescopic rod
1 x extension rod
1 x tweezers
3x plastic prying knife
1 x SIM card moved to
1 x Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
1 x suction cup
9 x open pick
1 bit holder for electric screwdriver
108 screwdriver bits
Phillips (cross): PH0000*3, PH000*2, PH00*2, PH0*2, PH1 and PH2
Slotted (one word): SL1.0*3, SL1.5*3, SL2.0*3, SL2.5*2, SL3.0*2, SL3.5*2 and SL4.0*2
Pozi ("meter" type): PZO, PZ1, and PZ2
Pentagonal (five-pointed star): 0.8*2 and 1.2*2
Torx (T type): T1*2, T2*3, T3*2, T4*2, T5*2, T6H*2, T7H*2, T8H*2, T9H*2, T10H*2, T15H*2, And T20H*2
Hex (inner hexagon): H0.7*2, H0.9*2, H1.0*2, H1.3*2, H1.5*2, H2.0*2, H2.5*2, H3. 0*2, H3.5*2, H4.0*2, H4.5, H5 and H6
Triangle: 2.0, 2.3 and 3.0
"U" shape ("U" shape): 2.6*2 and 8
Tri-point (“Y” type): 0.6*2, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5