Personalized Distressed Leather Tote the Destin by Left Coast Original

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The Destin Personalized Tote by Left Coast Original. Names after our favorite laid back beach getaway, The Destin Tote has every bit the rugged and timeless appeal of it's namesake.

The Snap Badge can be personalized with your name, monogram, or even a short message!

Our chic and simple Destin Tote Bag features a removable zippered interior lining so the tote can be used with or without the lining. Lining includes a zippered side pocket and another leather trimmed side pocket to keep keys and wallet safe and secure!

Available in Distressed Brown with Bronze Hardware. The full grain leather will take on more character the more you use it.

To maintain your bag's original beauty use a dry cloth to clean. Restore luster with a leather lotion or cream.

Measures approx. 13" x 12.5" x 6" deep. Highest point of straps measure approx. 12" above bag.

Model is 5'4" tall


1. Specify whether you'd like a name, monogram or short message engraved into the leather snap badge. Tell us what font number you'd like engraved into the snap on badge. (if no font is specified, we'll use font 9 for monograms and font 3 for names, dates, and quotes).

One note on monograms (Font #7-9). The last name's initial will appear in the middle of the monogram. So John Paul Smith's monogram is jSp.
Please specify the monogram initials in EXACTLY THE ORDER you want them engraved.

For Font 10 specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.

You can enter this info in the personalization field provided when checking out.

You can also send your own black and white graphic and we'll be happy to use that as well!


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Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!

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