SAMSUNG EVO+ Micro SD 32G SDHC 80mb/s Grade Class10 Memory Card C10 UHS-I TF/SD Cards Trans Flash SDXC 64GB 128GB

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Model Number:EVO Plus
Type:TF / Micro SD Card
Read/Write Speed:Class10
Capacity::8GB/32GB/64GB/128GB(available capacity approximately 90%-93%)
Speed Level::C10 /U1/U3
Operation voltage::2.7V-3.6V
Certifications::FCC, CE, VCCI, NATA
128GB/U3 Read Speed/Write Speed::up to R100-W90mb/s(Samsung Labs data)
8GB/C6 Read Speed/Write Speed::up to R24-W6mb/s(Samsung Labs data)
64GB/U3 Read Speed/Write Speed::up to R100-W60mb/s(Samsung Labs data)
32GB/U1 Read Speed/Write Speed::up to R95-W20mb/s(Samsung Labs data)

Package Contents:

SAMSUNG Micro SD with Retail Package*1


·  8GB     -Class 6-SDHC(MB-MA08D)

·32GB-Class 10-SDHC(MB-MC32G)

·64GB/128GB-Class 10-SDXC     (MB-MC64/128G)

About capacity:

·16GB=approximately 14GB-15GB

·32GB=approximately 28GB-30GB

·64GB=approximately 58GB-60GB

·128GB=approximately 119GB-120GB

·This is calculation difference between manufacturer and our PC, please Google 'Memory card capacity' to get more information


How to verify the Capacity and Speed of the memory card?

1). Please use quaity     USB 3.0 card reader to verify all memory card by     H2testw on PC. Real memory card should pass     H2testw with no error.

2). Please don\'t use cheap card reader to test Micro SD card, speed of Micro SD card will be reduced by low quality card reader.

3). Micro SD memory card speed is greatly affected by card reader and the capacity you choose , USB port ect. Low quality device will 100% slow down card speed,     1MB=1000KB.